Saturday, June 6, 2009

News from my working, My tools, Features

Well, I had said I was preparing a long English post. I decided not to publish it, because I don't want to bore the readers with my mental health problems, their effects and how I am coping them. Not here.

Instead of it, I'll just tell how my workings are going and some featured works.

I've began working on BASIC. I am able to code some simple text based Commodore 64 games now. Of course it is not a part of my career plans, I know only a few people are going to emulate and play this games, but C64 game making was something that I had always wanted since my childhood. I just want to fulfill this desire.

I will have a lot of time to work on my new horror game, Reverie River. But I still can't make it as scary as I want.

My tools

I have been using two C softwares of mine for my certain needs for a long time. One of them is Playlist Number Finder, the other is Note Holding Pad.
It could be a tough work to find the song that you'd like to listen in a Winamp playlist consisting of thousands of tracks. The aim of this tool: Giving you the number/numbers and info/s of a song/songs in a playlist that contains an input word in its file name or song info. For example, if you are searching for the "Please Mr. Postman" song, you just need to type "post" to see the numbers of every songs those contain the "post" string inside.

The other tool works as a post-it. Haven't written a good English readme text for that software, but you don't need to understand Turkish to understand that tool, I think. Going to tell this software and some new other tools later.


If you like Neil Gaiman or animation films, you'd probably have heard of Coraline.

Well, it was not as great as I expected, but I'd highly recommend you to see this film. Especially in a 3D theater, that really worths it.

The story had a great potential for a platform&adventure game like Psychonauts.

I abstain from showing artworks without artists' permission, so I have to be contented with giving the gallery links.

There was a great contest in DeviantArt: Wacom's Bring Your Vision To Life Contest. I believe that an amount of world's best artists had participated in this contest, the entries are that amazing! You can see the 50 semi-finalists here.

ABHEL's God of War, Deisi's Saint George and the Dragon are only the two of the entries I was sad that they weren't in the first 50.

If I had participated in this contest, I'd depict Sanity vs Insanity instead of Good vs Evil. I am not feeling evil at all.

Well, there are many other things that I'd want to feature and talk about, but let me keep this post shorter.

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