Mad World

We are proud to present the polished version of our GGJ 2014 game, Mad World! Mad World is a shooter that can be played on computers (Windows, Linux, Mac), browsers and mobile devices (Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS)

It is completely freeware.

"All around me are familiar faces..."

Bonnie has gone mad! He sees everyone as a reflection of himself! Most of his reflections are his foes. You must destroy them before they touch Bonnie.

There are also his friends with identical appearance. You must save your friends by touching them. Saving them heals your wounds. If you shoot a friend, you are temporarily forbidden to fire.

But how we can we know who is foe or friend? Pressing and holding “Clairvoyance” button (it's space bar for computer) helps you see the true faces of the rabbits. But you cannot attack or move while in clairvoyance mode.


2D art & animation: Güray Emen
Programming: Aydın Atay & Ahmet Kamil Keleş

Music: Daniel Bautista (Flight of the Bumblebee cover)

Special thanks to Uğurcan Orçun

Links for playing

Windows executable
Linux executable
Mac executable 

Google Play (for Android)
Windows Phone 8 
iTunes (iOS) 

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