Zombie Chess v1.2 (English)

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  About the game

Zombie Chess is a modificated version of the classical chess that everybody knows. Black set represent zombies and an evil kingdom which uses zombies as pawns.

The most important difference is about the zombie infection. When a black pawn captures a white piece, the white piece doesn’t die, but turns into a black pawn (zombie).

You can play Zombie Chess againts AI (single-player) or a friend that shares the same computer with you (hotseat multiplayer).

A campaign mode and custom levels are introduced with v1.1. Amounts and initial placements of pieces are completely independent from the classic chess. For example, there is a level where white set doesn’t have any pawns, while black set consists of 16 pawns (zombies). In another level, white set consists of only a queen, which fights against an army of zombies and evil knights. I've tried to be as creative as I can while designing the levels.
Game levels are in txt format. If you don't want to play the campaign mode, you can simply drag a level into the executable game file and play that level. You can even create and play your own levels!

New 3 levels are created by Erol Ünsal. Even though they are included in the 1.2 version, you can download them seperately from here.
This game is coded with C++, using SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library. Sprites (which were originally drawn by Colin M.L. Burnett and under GNU license) are downloaded from Wikipedia and then modified.

This game is freeware, you can download it from the link above.

Zombie Chess v1.2 Binary (Windows, 483 KB)

Features of version 1.1  

    • A campaign consisted of 16 different levels
    • Every other chess pieces are included in the black set, to be used fairly in the campaign mode
    • Custom levels can be played/created
    • English and Turkish language support
    • AI's moves are clearly displayed
    • Relevant game tips are given at the level beginnings

    How to play

    To move a piece, just click on it and then choose the square that you want it to move.

    Right clicking aborts choosing that piece, so you can choose another piece.

    If you have only one piece, it's automatically selected.

    F1 re-opens the latest tip you received.


    • Classic chess rules apply as usual, unless otherwise stated below
    • Each white piece turns into a black pawn when captured.
    • Pawns can also move and capture backwards (straight or diagonally). However, they are immune to horizontal attacks.
    • Bishop, rook and queen can leap over other pieces. You're welcome.
    • Dark counterparts of queen, rook and bishop exist in this game.
    • A witch queen can capture like usual, but can't change her position unless she is the last piece on the board. (Note: This rules applies for AI)
    • Just like witch queens, unholy bishops and dark castles don't like to move as long as there are zombie pawns on the board.
    •  Black pawns are promoted to knights when they reach the bottom.

    Creating custom levels

    It's explained in LevelCreation.txt document how to create custom levels. If you wish to share your work with other Zombie Chess players, your levels can be published in this page.

    If you title your mail as "Zombie Chess", it will be impossible for me to miss that.


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