Tuesday, July 7, 2009

+, Got featured, Images again

Once I had said having a mental disease is like an avalanche: My communication established with the people around got to sizzle, I got unable to focus on my workings and all these losses made the disease worse. Negativeness brought only more minus signes to my life.

But I notice this is also valid for happiness as well: Being happy makes me notice the beautiful things of life and enjoy them. Having resolved the problems have me perceive the love of people around me better and I gained courage to make effort for obtaining whatever I want.

(I find it hard to express happiness and peace with words, especially in another language)


My three artworks got featured in deviantArt recently (recently=for a long time, actually), these are good news for me. (well, I've requested a work of my own for one of those features ^^; )


Digital Thumbshare Features 4

Features that Need your Attention (many thanks to Lady Symphonia, who's an artist that I admire)

Feature of Awesomeness


Some failures during the Mount&Blade editing.

Not a complete failure, I just need to find out how to import hair and beard meshes texture.

This is what happens when you do a Michael Jackson dance in a room that has a table with a big glass of iced-coffee on it. The notebook got useless. (The video I was watching was 'Dangerous', in case you wonder).

And these are some cherries that we have in our garden.


CamaeL said...

m&b üzerinde ne gibi değişiklikler yapıyorsun =D
vay, feature almak. . . . ben de istiyorum :C ühühühüh.

Gord10 said...

Modumsu bir şeyler :)

CamaeL said...

eğer mürekkeplemesini ve boyamasını bitirebilirsem sana bir hediyem oliciik =D
bil bakalım ne xDDDDD

Gord10 said...

Yay! Çok sevindim! ^_^

Aslan yavrusu geliyor aklıma.