Saturday, August 28, 2010

AGS music usage finder

Özellikle yabancıların işine yarayabilecek bir şeyi paylaşıyor olduğum için bu yazı İngilizce olacak. Hem pratik yapmış olacağım, hatalarımı belirtmekten kaçınmayın lütfen.


I have been replacing Lost in the Nightmare's (a game made with Adventure Game Studio and released in 2005) musics with new ones. I had used ripped soundtracks for the original LitN, which emberasses me now, but I found original tracks to replace.

One of the hardest thing to do is finding in which rooms you used a certain track, if you have hundreds of rooms to check. I have written a little C software that finds your PlayMusic(X); or aMusicX.Play(); codes in your AGS game's room codes, while X is the music's ID. It's useful if you say "My game is so big. I want to see in which rooms I used the music6.mp3 track!"

You can find the source code and .exe here.

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